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This is what I decided to wear today . I wasnt really feeling like straps from my bra pulling on me all day , so I went to my trusty strapless bra and one of my fav tube tops . If it wasnt so damn hot , I would have paired this with some knee high black boots that I have and wear often in the winter months . This denim mini I wear ALL THE TIME  ! It goes with everything and fits just right . Its very comfortable . I even wear it alot in winter with leggings or tall boots .




 Top ~ Torrid

Denim mini ~ Torrid

necklace ~ Torrid

Shoes ~ Thrifted


The daily makeup .

PPL ask my alot what makeup I wear . I found this FABULOUS base that makes me skin hella smooth and ppl seem to notice alot . I found Everydayminerals.com a while back and Im totally in love with there products ! There amazeing and cheaper than what I was buying at the drug store that wasnt really working for me . I wish they had a mascara , but they dont yet . Although Im looking for one in the future bc that would really complete there line . So the mascara I use is the maybelline colossal lash . I have regular , and water proof for those occasional tear jerkers and I must admit , I wear it to the beach . lol . I have just tried the ”falsies” to and really like it . I got it in brown for when Im going really natural , which is my normal look . I do wear dramatic makeup when Im going out and am actually really good at it , but most of the time , I prefer a very natural look . Heres what I use …

From the top left

Everyday minerals ”Lucent Face” in Wet Sand
Everyday minerals Base in Natural
~Below them~
Everyday minerals ”Finishing Dust” in SUN
Everyday minerals concealer in Intensive medium
~off to the side~
Short handled Kabuki brush and concealer brush , both by everyday minerals and TOTALLY fabulous !
My mascaras
Maybelline Colossal lash in Glam black
Maybelline Falsies in Brown/black
Maybelline Colossal lash in Glam black (waterproof)
~below those~
Everyday minerals lip stick in ”Borgous” .


Today , I am TOTALLY mom-gear’n it ! lol . Not a stich of makeup , hair slapped up on my head , some old worn slap out , hole in the back of them , black yoga Capri’s and a tank that I dont wear out anymore bc there’s a stain on the front of it . lol . Some day’s there’s just some hard corn clean’n to be done and I aint about to be doing it in my fav denim mini ! Ya feel me ? lol

If ya care ….lol
Black yoga capri’s ~ Wal-Mart (years ago)
Blue tank ~ Torrid
Shoes ~ Well , my mama made them for me b4 I was born 😉

Just one day …

…a week . How bout , make a point to go without makeup or being dressed up . Its important to realize that under all the cute clothes and pretty makeup , that you , yourself , the way you have been made by nature are something amazeing ! Your beautiful . Take one day a week to remember that the foundation that you build your wardrobe on , the canvas that you make , makeup art upon is just as beautiful before its been painted ! Love your nakedness in every sense of that notion 🙂

Jessica Simpson’s fat ?

ummmmm , I think NOT . Saw the ”news” this morning that Jessica Simpson has ”packed on a few pounds” once again and honestly I think she looks amazeing . In fact I wish she’d gain a few more ! You can tell by the way she’s built she’s made to be a bit ”plump” and there’s NOTHING wrong with that . In this ”the skinnier , the better” culter we live in , the media thinks this is fat . She is FAR from FAT . Even if she was fat , she would still be just as beautiful , so what does it matter ?? What difference does is really , truly make if Jessica Simpson is fat or thin ? Will she be a better singer if she’s thin ? Will she be less famous if she’s fat ? Will fans suddenly hate her bc shes not 105 pounds ?? I think not . I think she would still be an amazeing singer , she would still be rich and famous and she would still have TONS and TONS of loyal fans . Her weight does not change who she is as a person .  She has pleasant curves and is pleasurable to the eye , in my opinion . She look’s like a real woman , not some Hollywood induced stick figure . Its a messed up culter that we live in that thinks this is fat . I tell ya that much and for Pete’s sake , leave the woman alone ! I can only hope that shes happy with her body and sets a good example for the rest of the eating disordered famous folks out there !!!!


This is one of my fav outfits . Comfy and cute . Easy to move around in , which is always important to a mom .  I normally get a lot of ” I like your outfit!!” comments when I wear this and my hubby likes the way the leggings look on my behind 😉 lol .

Tunic top ~ Torrid

Shrug ~ Torrid

Leggings ~ Target

shoes ~ Natural reflections (bought at BassPro Shop)

Assumptions about us fat folks .

Why is it that ppl automatically assume things about you when your fat . Im not say’n ALL ppl , but the more assholeish of the group anyhow . They think your fat bc you ”eat so much” . Ok , 1st of all , with the exception of the last 6 months sense I have been nursing my son , I have NEVER been a big eater . Im not normally the kind of person who can eat a lot at one time and I dont normally eat more often than any other person I know , fat or thin . Also , I have a friend who weighs around 130 and is a size 4 and eat’s like crazy ! So I dont really think how much one eats has anything to do with your weight , with the exception of extreme case’s . They think your fat bc ”you eat junk” . Ok , this one is tricky . Personally , Im a very healthy eater , most of what I eat and my family eats are things that we or friends have hunted , fished or grown . Its always whole foods around here . Tho we do let the junk craving get the better of us once in a while . Who dosent ? What NORMAL person dosent , anyhow . I say this is tricky bc most of the ppl I know do eat crappy food BUT there all size’s . Some fat , some very thin some in between . Is junk food good for you ? Hell no . Doz it make you fat ? Likely not if you are not naturally a fat person . The list goes on . ”Fat ppl are LAZY” . lol . Ok , this one has always really gotten me agitated bc Im about as far from lazy as it gets . I will not go through the list of things I do in a day that normal folks would think is just to much work ,but I assure you . Lazy I am not and I dont know many ppl that truly are . Fat or thin . One of the most crazy busy ppl I know is around 300 pounds . She dont sit still for a second and Im sure that she’s in amazeing shape and dosnt even know it ! What are some others I have herd ? hummmmmm *thinks* Ah ! ”Fat ppl are nasty” . Come on . Really ? And just why on earth doz having a greater girth make one dirty/nasty ??? This has NEVER made any sense to me . I have always been very meticulous about being clean . I dont mind getting dirty at all , but at the end of the day I want my bath and my Dr.Bronners organic soap ! I have always gotten compliments on how nice a smell from other ppl and most girld , do ! I mean , we just like to smell nice . Fat , thin , blond , brunette , redhead . We like to smell good and be clean , its basic human nature no matter how fat or thin you are !

I should add that I have never gotten any of these comments from ppl in real life . Only online and mostly on YouTube , where ppl with there own insecurities hide behind there computer screen and talk shit about others to make themselves feel better . Never the less , there are those out there who think these horrible things . Is it for lack of intelligence or confidence or there own possession of there standard of beauty ? One shall never know I suppose . What are some crappy things that you have has said to you about being fat over the years and how have you come to see those things today ? There are many assumptions based on appearance , but you know what they say about assumption . 😉