Just a day in the life of a fabulous fat chick !

Jessica Simpson’s fat ?

ummmmm , I think NOT . Saw the ”news” this morning that Jessica Simpson has ”packed on a few pounds” once again and honestly I think she looks amazeing . In fact I wish she’d gain a few more ! You can tell by the way she’s built she’s made to be a bit ”plump” and there’s NOTHING wrong with that . In this ”the skinnier , the better” culter we live in , the media thinks this is fat . She is FAR from FAT . Even if she was fat , she would still be just as beautiful , so what does it matter ?? What difference does is really , truly make if Jessica Simpson is fat or thin ? Will she be a better singer if she’s thin ? Will she be less famous if she’s fat ? Will fans suddenly hate her bc shes not 105 pounds ?? I think not . I think she would still be an amazeing singer , she would still be rich and famous and she would still have TONS and TONS of loyal fans . Her weight does not change who she is as a person .  She has pleasant curves and is pleasurable to the eye , in my opinion . She look’s like a real woman , not some Hollywood induced stick figure . Its a messed up culter that we live in that thinks this is fat . I tell ya that much and for Pete’s sake , leave the woman alone ! I can only hope that shes happy with her body and sets a good example for the rest of the eating disordered famous folks out there !!!!


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  1. On a side note . How cute are those hill’s ?!?

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