Just a day in the life of a fabulous fat chick !

The daily makeup .

PPL ask my alot what makeup I wear . I found this FABULOUS base that makes me skin hella smooth and ppl seem to notice alot . I found Everydayminerals.com a while back and Im totally in love with there products ! There amazeing and cheaper than what I was buying at the drug store that wasnt really working for me . I wish they had a mascara , but they dont yet . Although Im looking for one in the future bc that would really complete there line . So the mascara I use is the maybelline colossal lash . I have regular , and water proof for those occasional tear jerkers and I must admit , I wear it to the beach . lol . I have just tried the ”falsies” to and really like it . I got it in brown for when Im going really natural , which is my normal look . I do wear dramatic makeup when Im going out and am actually really good at it , but most of the time , I prefer a very natural look . Heres what I use …

From the top left

Everyday minerals ”Lucent Face” in Wet Sand
Everyday minerals Base in Natural
~Below them~
Everyday minerals ”Finishing Dust” in SUN
Everyday minerals concealer in Intensive medium
~off to the side~
Short handled Kabuki brush and concealer brush , both by everyday minerals and TOTALLY fabulous !
My mascaras
Maybelline Colossal lash in Glam black
Maybelline Falsies in Brown/black
Maybelline Colossal lash in Glam black (waterproof)
~below those~
Everyday minerals lip stick in ”Borgous” .


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