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Today’s great pic !

I have been obsessed the last few days with searching the Internet for fat positive photos and every now and then I will fine one that catches my eye . This morning it was these girls ! Idk what it is exactly about this pic , but I just want to stair at it . Plus , I always wonder how jeans fit on other fat chicks . Weird , I know , but , how much muffin top exactly means that they DONT fit ?? Seriously . I can wear 16s with lotso muffin top , 18s with very little and 20’s with none , but they are falling off within the hour . How is that supposed to work ? Im a a 16 an 18 or a 20 ? lol . Anyway , enough rambling ! Here’s the pic ! Enjoy !!


Trashy , yard T .

Ok , so on any give’n day you can find me slumin around in a DIY ”Trashy , yard  T” as we call them around here . I dont like T-shirts . I have huge boobs and and anything that comes up so far on my neck makes them look even bigger , not to mention Im a nursing mama and get’n a huge boob out of a lil hole , just doesn’t cut it . lol . So I have TONS of T-shirts that I have collected over the years and a lot of them are made from super soft cotton and besides the fact that they are , ya know , T-shirts , are actually pretty cute . So , I cut them up . I have a few differant ways that I like to do it , but my favorite way would be just to make it into an off the shoulder , tunic top .  I cut from one sleeve seem to the next in a half oval cut , which removes the neck and the shoulders . You can adjusted how much off the shoulder action you want by how big you cut the hole . Then I cute the seems off of the sleeves and from around the bottom , to leave a rough edge that kind of curls up in itself a lil , for a really neat look . There comfy and casual , but yet a bit stylish . Ya just have to wear a strapless bra or one thats is meant to be seen , which is normally how I do it . I have a black and a grey bra that are made of , you guessed it , T-shirt material that works well . I also have a dainty strapped red bra that looks cute . Anywho , here is my casual every day , stay at home mama look !


Shirt ~ Gifted and cut up by me

Denim shorts ~ Faded Glory (bout them like 5 years ago)

Shoes ~ Academy

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS ! Some visual stimulation for ya’ll !

I found this photo on fuckyeahfatpositive.tumblr.com and feel T-totally in love with it ! Just wanted to share !

I need fat friends !!

Ok , seriously . My best friend is fat and absolutely stunning . We are about the same size and can totally share clothes BUT she lives 2.5 hours away ! Now , she is my best friend and of course , NO ONE could ever replace her . But I need some fat friends locally !! I dont mean some ”OMG , Im so fat , I hate my body” type ppl either . I mean ”Omg , Im so fat and hot its insane , look what kick ass clothes I bought for my fabulous self today” kinda friends !! lol They are few and far between and I have seriously considered putting an add on Craigslist (how much of a loser does that make me ?? LoL) I have friends , skinny , fat , short , tall , the list goes on , but the ONLY one who is happy with there body in my besty whom lives 2.5 hours away . Even my skinny friends , ESPECILLY my skinny friends are ALWAYS complaining about how fat and horrible they look . Negative ppl get old fast ! Im high strung and happy 99.9% of the time , I dont wanna be around someone who is constantly complaining about how much they hate themselves . I dont even like to hear ppl talk about a diet . Its offinsive , frankly and I know in my mind so many things I want to tell them about the , oh holy diet , that they just dont wanna hear or get all huffy over ! OOOOOOOOOOOH , happy , sassy , fat chick near Savannah , GA . Come be my friend !!!! ❤

PS . If you have kids and are married , thats alsome to ! Then we will have tons in common ! LOL

A-MA-ZING web site !!!!!

I just wanted to share this site really fast . I kinda of stumbles across it earlier today looking for fat positive jewelry actually . lol . You HAVE to check it out , its positively FABULOUS !


ootd !

Ok , so I went to have lunch with the hubbers today and of course I wanna look super cute when I go have lunch with my hubby ! So I decided to wear this high waisted skirt that I had actually forgot I had until I was rummaging around in my closet this morning ! I bought it YEARS ago and it wasnt really in style for a while and now that the natural waist high skirts are back in , Im in love with it all over again . I paired it with a puff sleeve T to make it a lil more casual . I had a button up white shirt under it at 1st and it was way to dressy . The T did the trick on toning it down . Its kid friendly (i.e able to move around nicely in) but I had to watch the skirt as its a lil short . All in all , very cute , comfy and great for a lunch date with the man of my dreams ❤

 Puff  sleave  T Shirt ~ Old Navy

High Waist skirt ~ Lane Bryant (years ago)

Shoes ~ New York and Co.

Necklace ~ I think Goodys .


I know its been a while , but I have been sick for the last week or so and been living in comfy clothes . So being that I feel much better and I have to take my son to the doctor when he gets home from school , I thought Id post my 1st post sick , dressed normal pic . LOL .

Top ~ Torrid

Cardigan ~ Torrid

Shorts ~ Maurice’s

Shoes~ New York and Co.