Just a day in the life of a fabulous fat chick !

Move that body !

Ok  , Im all for loving your body , no matter what size it may be . Im also all for getting that fine piece of machinery MOVEING ! Im a mover , I dont really like to sit still for long , short of the times when I have been chasing my kids all day and I just damn exhausted . My normal days consist of lots and lots of motion and when the weathers right , I like to add even more . I love to go hiking or walking , swimming (yes in a swimsuit , sometimes even a BIKINI !) yoga , I even like to go the the gym now and then . That elliptical is actually kinda fun to me . Is that weird ?? lol . The thing that I do most often would have to be yoga tho . I can do it while my oldest is at school and my little one is down for his nap and I always feel 1o times better afterwards . I think there is something out there that everyone would love doing . I mean I cant honestly think , that there are folks out there who just have nothing they like to do ! Dont be a couch ”tater” (as we say down here) , get out and move !!

Do yoga !


 Run !

Do aerobics !

Swim !


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