Just a day in the life of a fabulous fat chick !


I GOT MY JEGGINGS THIS MORNING !!!! I can say a lot of good things about Torrid , but another one to put on the list is that they are prompt , thats for sure . I ordered 2 pair of jeggings this past friday and got them today and the mail did’t even run yesterday bc it was labor day ! How alsome is that ! Anyway , Im TOTALLY in love with them , both pair ! I got just a plain pair with actual pockets in the back , that you see below and a 4 seemed pair with military buttons on the bottom . There hella cute . I paired them with as many differant shirts shapes as I could think of this morning . They are body hugging , so its a differant shape to get used to , but I didt find much that I didt like with them . They just look like really form fitting jeans and I totally dig the way they make my ass look ! I have a problem with the way jeans fit in the behind area normally . For a fat chick , I have a freakishly toned ass . While theres nice size to it , apparently the ppl who makes jeans think that those who are a size 18 , should have a bigger butt and almost all my jeans hide my pretty , toned , behind . So seeing it in these is very nice . I sent my hubby a pic …..He cant wait to get home . lol .

SEE !!!!!

White Ruffle tank ~ Thrifted

Turquoise Cami ~ Torrid

Jeggings ~ Torrid

Shoes ~ Academy


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  1. oh god this is hot

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