Just a day in the life of a fabulous fat chick !

Ok , this is something I think about a lot , bc you cant seem to turn on your TV without seeing some crazy report about the ”obesity epidemic” . Yesterday I was watching CNN and they were talking about ”Is fat becoming the new normal” . Well GOD I HOPE SO ! PPl live there whole life trying to be something there not , bc there knowledge of there own body is give’n to them by someone who’s been lying to them . Being fat does not mean you are unhealthy , it does not mean you are unattractive , it does not mean you are less then ! I hope to god that fat is becoming the new normal . PPL aren’t meant to look like stick figures . Being think IMO is a genetic weakness . And I dont mean that I have anything against thin folks , I have plenty of thin friends and if that’s your natural body , so be it . Just as if you are fat , love yourself for how you are made . I mean genetically , literally , naturally thin ppl are not as well off . The human body is made to store fat . We do this bc back in the day , there were often times when there was nothing to eat , and if you could’t store fat , YOU DIED . I dont think that this ”obesity epidemic” is that at all , I think that naturally thin ppl are simply being ”breed out” . Also , do you ever think about life expectancy ? I mean really . Back when thin was a greater norm , ppl died much sooner than they do today . Also , statistically , fat ppl who are active outlive and have a better quality of life than thin ppl who are not . Also , fat ppl who have high blood pressure and diabetes tend to be in better overall health and live longer than there thin counterparts with the same health issues . Fat actually protects you against some things also . Like some kinds of cancer , TB , emphysema , chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , hip fracture , vertebral fracture , anemia , peptic ulcers , chronic bronchitis and osteopetrosis in woman . But do they tell you all that ?? Oh nooooooo . They would’t want to give you anything that might make you happy to be fat , now would they ? Rethink EVERYTHING you have ever been told about fat being bad for your health . None of it is true .  Think outside the box , find YOU’R TRUTH and let no one tell you other wise .


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