Just a day in the life of a fabulous fat chick !

I need fat friends !!

Ok , seriously . My best friend is fat and absolutely stunning . We are about the same size and can totally share clothes BUT she lives 2.5 hours away ! Now , she is my best friend and of course , NO ONE could ever replace her . But I need some fat friends locally !! I dont mean some ”OMG , Im so fat , I hate my body” type ppl either . I mean ”Omg , Im so fat and hot its insane , look what kick ass clothes I bought for my fabulous self today” kinda friends !! lol They are few and far between and I have seriously considered putting an add on Craigslist (how much of a loser does that make me ?? LoL) I have friends , skinny , fat , short , tall , the list goes on , but the ONLY one who is happy with there body in my besty whom lives 2.5 hours away . Even my skinny friends , ESPECILLY my skinny friends are ALWAYS complaining about how fat and horrible they look . Negative ppl get old fast ! Im high strung and happy 99.9% of the time , I dont wanna be around someone who is constantly complaining about how much they hate themselves . I dont even like to hear ppl talk about a diet . Its offinsive , frankly and I know in my mind so many things I want to tell them about the , oh holy diet , that they just dont wanna hear or get all huffy over ! OOOOOOOOOOOH , happy , sassy , fat chick near Savannah , GA . Come be my friend !!!! ❤

PS . If you have kids and are married , thats alsome to ! Then we will have tons in common ! LOL


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