Just a day in the life of a fabulous fat chick !

Trashy , yard T .

Ok , so on any give’n day you can find me slumin around in a DIY ”Trashy , yard  T” as we call them around here . I dont like T-shirts . I have huge boobs and and anything that comes up so far on my neck makes them look even bigger , not to mention Im a nursing mama and get’n a huge boob out of a lil hole , just doesn’t cut it . lol . So I have TONS of T-shirts that I have collected over the years and a lot of them are made from super soft cotton and besides the fact that they are , ya know , T-shirts , are actually pretty cute . So , I cut them up . I have a few differant ways that I like to do it , but my favorite way would be just to make it into an off the shoulder , tunic top .  I cut from one sleeve seem to the next in a half oval cut , which removes the neck and the shoulders . You can adjusted how much off the shoulder action you want by how big you cut the hole . Then I cute the seems off of the sleeves and from around the bottom , to leave a rough edge that kind of curls up in itself a lil , for a really neat look . There comfy and casual , but yet a bit stylish . Ya just have to wear a strapless bra or one thats is meant to be seen , which is normally how I do it . I have a black and a grey bra that are made of , you guessed it , T-shirt material that works well . I also have a dainty strapped red bra that looks cute . Anywho , here is my casual every day , stay at home mama look !


Shirt ~ Gifted and cut up by me

Denim shorts ~ Faded Glory (bout them like 5 years ago)

Shoes ~ Academy


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