Just a day in the life of a fabulous fat chick !

I will not apologize for my size

for the fat on my thighs

the glow in my eyes , that makes you realize that Im fat and happy .

My ignorance of thin ,

be thin to get men

be thin to win

be thin not to sin

NO .

I am fat and happy

Sexy , sassy

healthy and loved  , bc I rise above .

I dont wanna be thin , I wanna be healthy

not thin to be wealthy , or stealthy or grim


I can be all of those things , with a belly that  jiggles when I laugh

thighs that touch when I dance

breast that bounce with great mass and an ass like that

I am fat . Fat and happy , sexy , sassy

all that you can be and more as thin , skinny , hungry .

I will not apologize for my view on the world and your lack there of , for your sheep in the crowd thoughts , for they are not my own .

No .

I am

Fat and happy .


Comments on: "A poem . (this has been bouncing around in my head all day , I had to put it somewhere)" (2)

  1. Oh I love it!

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