Just a day in the life of a fabulous fat chick !

Why is weight relevant ?

Well , in my opinion . Its just ….NOT . I weighed myself this morning , out of curiosity mostly . I had my 2ed son 8 months ago and I lost 30 pounds during my pregnancy . I did the same thing with my 1st son . Pretty much the whole time Im prego I have NO appetite whatsoever and  have to force myself to eat anything at all . When I got prego I was 215 give or take 2 pounds on any give’n day (I used to be obsessed with weighing myself every morning , even tho , I really have no idea why) , 2 days after I had my son , I was 188 lbs . Which is a number I had’t seen sense my last son was born almost 5 years ago and prob not sense high school then . I just wanted to see how long it would take me to get back to my normal weight . And apparently , it takes 8 months . I was 216 when I got on the scale a lil while ago , granted I have eat’n today , so its a lil over my actual weight most likely , its close enough for me . Im actually GLAD to be back to my normal weight again . All my clothes fit again , I feel like myself and this is the weight that I feel my absolute best at . Which is actually why I weighed myself , I just felt ”right” again , finally the last week or so . But to get to my point . Why , exactly is weight relevant ? What does it say about who we are ? Nothing that I can think of . I mean , your weight does not dictate what size you are , how good of health you are in , how you feel or what others think of you . Its JUST a number . Thats all it is , nothing more , nothing less . Yet we put so much value on that damn number on the scale . It just seems so silly . I wear the same pants size rather Im 210 or 217 . So why oh why would I fret over those 7 pounds ?? My weight does not stop me from doing anything , I have never came across anything that has a weight limit that says Im to big to do , said ”thing” . If I did , if ANYONE does , I would think that would be a huge problem bc personally Id be pissed . Im a very average sized person and if they dont realize that , there idiots !  Hell I ride the go karts with my son all the time at the local fun park and there really meant for kids !  Weight dose not determine size . I know girls who are 30 pounds lighter than me , yet the same size . I also know girls that weight a lot more than I do and wear the same size .  We all carry it differently . I dont think any man out there is gonna turn a woman down if he likes the way she looks , but she’s 5 pounds over his personal limit . Although there may be the occasional , shallow asshole out there , who is not worth ANY woman’s time anyway . I just dont see the relevants . This comeing from someone who was at one point in her life , obsessed with weighting 110 pounds . HA ! Like that was ever gonna happen !! lol . We are the size and weight we are genetically made up to be . I gained back those 30pounds I lost while I was prego , while nursing an infant every day . That burns TONS of calories ! Im also active and eat a relatively healthy diet every day . My body’s set point is 215 and thats what Im going to weigh no matter what and thats just fine with me ! So now that I know Im offically back to my right and perfect weight (which really didt matter anyway)  , Im SO not gonna get on the scale again for …..oh I dont know ..EVER .


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