Just a day in the life of a fabulous fat chick !

Big , fat , snob !

Ok , I have to admit I get a ”fat is the true hotness” attitude . LOL . I honestly dont have anything again those who are naturally thin , its the ppl who count every calorie and work out way more than any one person should that I get like this towards . I feel like these ppl just dont ”get it” . I guess you could say that I get on my ”high horse” about being fat and happy and knowing good and damn well that all those ppl who are trying to morph themselves into something there not are doing it all in vain . Im NOT talking about getting lots of good , healthy excercise . Im talking about ppl who are fat by natural build and trying there best to be thin by working themselves half to death and starving all the damn time . Which ANY diet in my opinion is . If you step back and REALLY look at a diet , its just a boxed , packaged , socially exceptible eating disorder and it just seems nuts to me . Why is it so hard for ppl to except that we come in all different sizes . That if you are eating healthy and staying active , you can still be *gasp* fat . Fat and in excellent health I might add . I think things that are down right snobbish sometimes . lol . I get around my family , half of whom are on a diet , bc we are all fat by nature and there complaining about how many calories they ate that day and I think things like ”arnt you smarter than this ? I mean , REALLY ?” . I love my family with all my heart , but when it comes to the facts , they just dont wanna hear it and it makes me nuts . I get the ”Im fat and most def. hotter then you” thoughts when some super thin girl is givein me the stank eye while Im eating a funnel cake at the fair . In my mind I know she’s hating me bc Im EATING and Im fat , hot and happy about it . LOL . Or so my snobbish thought process goes , anyway . Im not normally a snob , in any sense of the word , but I catch myself thinking these things from time to time . I swear its like I have to golden ticket . I have found the secret to being happy . Know your mind , love your body and get on with all that living you’ve got to do !! If having that golden ticket mentality makes me a bit of a fat snob , then so be it ! lol


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