Just a day in the life of a fabulous fat chick !

Fatspo :)

This pic I came across a few days ago and LOVE . Im an outdoors kinda girl . I love to fish , hunt , hike and pretty much anything else I can find the time to do out side . So this photo tugged on my heart-strings ! I wish I was right there with her , jumping into the also wilderness !! ❤

But wait , theres more ! lol . I love the ”real girl” shots , so I naturally loved this one . She’s just kinda chillin on what looks like a cross walk and Im TOTALLY in love with her leg warmers and the fact that she’s bare foot ! For the most part , Im actually a minimalist when it comes to shoes , which means I wear things like flip flops and sometimes no shoes at all , so bare feet make me happy 🙂 Tho I do LOVE a great pair of shoes , but thats just the girl in me 😉


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