Just a day in the life of a fabulous fat chick !

Liveing the fat life .

I was on another blog earlier , one of my daily reads . And a girl posted a comment saying something a long the lines of ”is it wrong for me to want to wake up one day and be gorgeous and smart and funny and flirty and adventurous and skinny skinny skinny?” and it made me sad for her . I answered her back with some words of encouragement . She was no doubt a young girl and I hate that she thinks just bc shes fat , that she cant be the things she wants to be . Being fat (or thin for that matter) should not stop you from doing anything you want to do in life . Im fat , there is no doubt . But I do tons of things that are normally viewd as ”thin ppl” things to do . I do yoga , I surf , I hike , hunt , fish , can do a flip off solid ground , I wear a bikini to the beach , lay out ,  RUN around and play with my kids , my dog , my hubby 😉 , I live an active and full and insanely happy life and my FAT has never kept me from doing any of it . I dont know why ppl have it in there head that if there fat , they are held back from being the person they want to be . STOP IT ! Just stop that kinda of thinking right now ! You can do what ever it is you want to do in life . The only thing stopping you is YOU . Not your weight , or other ppl and what they might think , not this or that or whatever else you think is stopping you . The only thing that stops me from doing what I wanna do ? Honestly . MONEY . LOL ! Lordy , if I had unlimited resources , Id be doing SO many things . You can be who you want to be , rather you are fat or not . You can be gorgeous , you can be flirty and funny and the life of the party . You can be THAT girl/guy . Trust me . Never be afraid to be exactly who you are . Life is to damn short for that !


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