Just a day in the life of a fabulous fat chick !

Tankini to bikini !

OK , so I LOVE to wear a regular bikini in the summer , but being that Im a G cup , I can NEVER find tops to fit . Bottoms I can find all day long , but tops , no such luck . So I normally buy a tankini . I like to have several batheing suits to wear , so I have a few to say t he least . The other day I got the idea to cut the excess fabric from the tankini , leaving only the boobie holding part and it worked like a charm !! I cut the fabric , just below the lower elastic so that it hugged my body under my breast . I used a very sharp pair of scissors and cut very carefully and you cant even tell the fabric was there to begain with . It looks alsome and Im seriously thinking about going and buying a TON of cheap tanikini’s and turning them into bikini’s !! Im totally in love with this idea . Its easy as pie , works like a dream and looks amazing . Cant wait to wear this to the beach !!

Sorry for the crappy iPhone and bad lighting pic .


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