Just a day in the life of a fabulous fat chick !

I haven’t been on here in Idk how long . I was thinking to myself today that I needed a place just to go and type it out sometimes and I suddenly remembered I have my wordpress !! I spend so much time on Tumblr and Facebook , that I forget about things like this . lol . I have been doing well . Its been a busy summer thus far , but a good one . I have spent a LOT of time in a bikini , and that always makes for a good time ! Last summer , I was just getting into the whole idea of the fatkini , but this summer , it seems so far from me to wear anything but a bikini . I spend a lot of time on the river and at the beach . I have an AMAZEING tan right now . lol . I normally have a nice tan , but a nice tan belly is a beautiful thing . I have noticed this year that I have seen a LOT of other fat girls on all fatness’s on the beach/river this year also . I think that the whole self love idea is catching on like crazy lately (at least where I live) and that makes me crazy happy ! To go somewhere and see another girl in a bikini like me , instead of complaining that she’s to fat the flaunt one , is a great feeling . its almost like you have this unspoken comrodery(sp?) which is always a good feeling . If your a fat chick , go strut  your stuff in as little clothing as possible this summer ! 



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