Just a day in the life of a fabulous fat chick !


Im a 27 year old Georgia girl , grew up in a small town about 20 min’s outside of the famous Savannah , was married to the love of my life and my best friend Matthew when I was 18 , he was my high school sweetheart ❤ and I dont know how Id make it a day without him by my side 🙂 we have a 4 year old son together ,who is our whole world in one small , beautiful package and we just add'd one more beautiful baby boy to out life who's name is Conley , our boys are the light of our life !! Im a country girl , no way around it , I think if I was forced to live in the city , it would be just as well a prison . I love to go horse back riding , hunting , fishing , 4wheeler riding , mud bogging , and pretty much any other typical redneck recreation ..haha..I also LOVE the ocean , there's just something about it that gives me peace . Oh and modeling , its something that I love and anything that advocates size acceptance is a passion of mine . Im a plus sized pinup model and LOVE IT !! I have a HUGE place in my heart for fashion , but Im talking functonal fashion , not wearing a bird on my head , off the runways fashion . lol . Beauty comes in many forms , more people should know that ! Im aware that Im crazy ..*smiles big*..But I don't know anyone who is completely sane , and that's ok with me . I , as most , am multifaceted , and can go from one extreme to the next from day to day . I have been through some rough patches in my day , and came through things that most could not imagine , but Im stronger for it . I have a wonderful home , and family , and most times I think that nothing on earth could be better than what my life is right now ! Sometimes I just cant believe what a lucky girl I am . I have those who I love , and those who love me , everything I could possibly want , and dream of , and I must say Im pretty spoiled , my hubby loves me *sigh* what can I say ..LOL…In general Im a very happy , confident , and so they tell me , bubbly person . Im spontaneous , and love to have a good time ! I love to just hang with family and friends , there's nothing better than being surrounded by ppl you love , good food , and the feeling that you are somewhere you truly belong . Anything ya wanna know . Just ask !


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