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Ootd !!

This is what I wore today ! I really love this outfit .
Shorts – cato
Tank top – goodies
Hoodie – goodies




Went to lunch with my hubby today in this fabulous lil dress , thats really just a skirt I hiked up and put a belt around ! Perfect ancomfy on this hot ass summer day !

Dress – thrifted
Belt- cato
Shoes – rue 21 .


OOTD !!!

So today , as usual , I dont plan on going anywhere , but in my head , ye never know who might show up at the door or when you might have to leave the house to go do something . Also , I just like looking at least half was decent during the day ! It makes me feel MUCH better ! So this is the outfit that I have on today .

Reached black tank ~ Thrifted
Khaki hiking pants ~ UnionBay
Purple snake skin flats ~ Wal-Mart (10 bux !!)
Star necklace ~ Goody’s