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Assumptions about us fat folks .

Why is it that ppl automatically assume things about you when your fat . Im not say’n ALL ppl , but the more assholeish of the group anyhow . They think your fat bc you ”eat so much” . Ok , 1st of all , with the exception of the last 6 months sense I have been nursing my son , I have NEVER been a big eater . Im not normally the kind of person who can eat a lot at one time and I dont normally eat more often than any other person I know , fat or thin . Also , I have a friend who weighs around 130 and is a size 4 and eat’s like crazy ! So I dont really think how much one eats has anything to do with your weight , with the exception of extreme case’s . They think your fat bc ”you eat junk” . Ok , this one is tricky . Personally , Im a very healthy eater , most of what I eat and my family eats are things that we or friends have hunted , fished or grown . Its always whole foods around here . Tho we do let the junk craving get the better of us once in a while . Who dosent ? What NORMAL person dosent , anyhow . I say this is tricky bc most of the ppl I know do eat crappy food BUT there all size’s . Some fat , some very thin some in between . Is junk food good for you ? Hell no . Doz it make you fat ? Likely not if you are not naturally a fat person . The list goes on . ”Fat ppl are LAZY” . lol . Ok , this one has always really gotten me agitated bc Im about as far from lazy as it gets . I will not go through the list of things I do in a day that normal folks would think is just to much work ,but I assure you . Lazy I am not and I dont know many ppl that truly are . Fat or thin . One of the most crazy busy ppl I know is around 300 pounds . She dont sit still for a second and Im sure that she’s in amazeing shape and dosnt even know it ! What are some others I have herd ? hummmmmm *thinks* Ah ! ”Fat ppl are nasty” . Come on . Really ? And just why on earth doz having a greater girth make one dirty/nasty ??? This has NEVER made any sense to me . I have always been very meticulous about being clean . I dont mind getting dirty at all , but at the end of the day I want my bath and my Dr.Bronners organic soap ! I have always gotten compliments on how nice a smell from other ppl and most girld , do ! I mean , we just like to smell nice . Fat , thin , blond , brunette , redhead . We like to smell good and be clean , its basic human nature no matter how fat or thin you are !

I should add that I have never gotten any of these comments from ppl in real life . Only online and mostly on YouTube , where ppl with there own insecurities hide behind there computer screen and talk shit about others to make themselves feel better . Never the less , there are those out there who think these horrible things . Is it for lack of intelligence or confidence or there own possession of there standard of beauty ? One shall never know I suppose . What are some crappy things that you have has said to you about being fat over the years and how have you come to see those things today ? There are many assumptions based on appearance , but you know what they say about assumption . 😉