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Big Fat books that I love !

Well , my path to loveing my self and my body started a few years back and along the way I have read a few books that really helped me . Some full of facts about why being fat is just as healthy as being thin , some just plain tell’n ya that your beautiful no matter what size ya are . So I thought I would share a few of my favs . If you have any that you would like to share , please do !

The list !

The fat girls guide to life .
The obesity Myth
Health at every size

my fav would have to be …..

Lessions from the fat-o-sphear .

Its funny and honest and makes you wonder why in the hell you ever doubted how friggin alsome you are ! I would highly suggest reading these books . For me , they made me realize that the things that I was thinking were not so crazy after all and that THANK GOD , there are other ppl out there who ”get it” . Happy reading !