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The ugliest , most kick ass shoes on earth !

Ok , so I have been wearing the same pair of gym shoes for like 6 years (no , Im not kidding) and it was time to get a new pair . I started looking around and found these Vibram FiveFingers (pronounced VEEbram) and there totally alsome ! ok , where I live , we wear flip flops year around . It just doesnt get that cold here . So Im very comfortable in minimalist shoes and these automatically struck my fancy ! They feel like you are bare footed and being a country girl , ya cant get much better than that for casual wear ! They start at around 80 bux , but are great for running , hiking or any other outdoor activity . Im big on the outdoors , so I had to have a pair . So far I LOVE them ! You can find them at VibramFiveFingers.com . Beware of fakes however . I would recommend only ordering them from this website or a dealer listed on there site .